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The Florida Capital Connection began in the summer of 2015 when God burdened our heart to do our part to be an encouragement to the men and women of the Florida Legislature.  Over these few years we have seen God do some amazing things and we give Him all the glory and honor.  I believe God has honored our efforts by giving us the freest state in the nation.  

The Florida Capital Connection is about connecting the people of God with the people of government.  It is a ministry of a commitment to pray for those who we have elected to public office.   Each year we host the Capitol Connection on opening day of the Legislative Session.  We want our legislators to know that God's people are here to fulfill their biblical duty to honor and pray for those in political office.  This is not about lobbying for any particular bill or agenda.  It's about lifting them up in prayer and being an encouragement to them.  

Register Here for the Florida Capitol Connection

5177 Capital Cir. SW
Tallahassee, FL 32305

Tel: 850-408-4177

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Now that you have registered, contact your representative  at to set up an appointment on Tuesday.  For your Senator, go to

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